Program (Subject to Change)

Main Topics

  • Clinical Neurootology, including pharmacotherapy and physical therapy
  • Emergency diagnosis and treatment of vertigo and tinnitus
  • Equilibriometry
  • Audiometry
  • Tinnitology
  • Olfactometry, Gustometry
  • Neurosensorial degenerations in old age patients
  • COVID-19 related olfactory dysfunctions
  • COVID-19 related hearing and balance disorders
  • Electromagnetic fields and  applications in neurootology
  • Free papers

7th of October 2021

09.00-09.30Opening Ceremony
09.30-09.50Plenary Lecture 1:
Clinical Neurootology & Equilibriometry
09.50-11.00Session 1
11.00-11.10Coffee Break &
Poster Viewing
11.10-11.30Plenary Lecture 2:
Emergency diagnosis and treatment of vertigo 
11.30-11.50Award Ceremony
11.50-13.00Session 2
13.00-14.00Lunch Break &
Sponsors Events
14.00-14.20Plenary Lecture 3:
14.20-14.50Session 3
14.50-15.00Coffee Break &
Poster Viewing
15.00-16.00Satellite Symposium
16.00-16.25Plenary Lecture 4:
Neurosensorial degenerations in old age patients
16.25-17.30Session 4
17.30-18.00Sponsor Event
18.00Online Gala Program

8th of October 2021

09.00-09.102nd Day Opening
09.10-09.35Plenary Lecture 1:
Audiometry in vertigo and tinnitus
09.33-11.00Session 1
11.00-11.10Coffee Break &
Poster Viewing
11.10-12.10Satellite Symposium
12.10-13.00Session 2
13.00-14.00Lunch Break &
Sponsors Event 
14.00-14.25Plenary Lecture 2:
Olfactometry, Gustometry
14.25-15.00Session 3
15.00-15.10Coffee Break &
Poster Viewing
15.10-15.35Plenary Lecture 3:
COVID-19 related olfactory dysfunctions
15.35-17.15Session 4
17.15-18.00Sponsor Event
18.00Closing Ceremony

If you have any questions about the scientific program or would like to change the title or topic of your presentation, please contact the Chair of the Congress, Dr. Panayiota Mavrogenini via email at